I founded LucidNews because I noticed that the political opinions of the people around me seemed to be heavily influenced by where they got their news. This didn’t make sense — the same things happen in our world, no matter where you hear about them. So why should it matter where you read, watch, or listen to the news? Yet the reality remains that a person’s political views frequently align with those of their news service, because news services try to swing things their way.

We’re in an age of unprecedented availability of information, yet that information is polluted by the opinions of those who share it. Every news article comes with some kind of commentary and speculation that reflects the views of the news service. The problem is that this biased commentary comes so soon after you hear the news that you haven’t yet been able to think for yourself and form your own opinion before someone else’s gets presented. Your opinion should be yours, not that of your newscaster. That’s why I founded this site. We won’t give any commentary or speculation. This site is for reporting the news and just the news. We promise to do our very best to represent every issue in a balanced way so that your opinion is one that is well-informed, reasoned, and most importantly, yours.


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  1. At the risk of sounding simplistic, “the truth shall set you free”. We’re like the blind men touching the elephant; each believed what they felt to be the whole story when in truth the one touched the tail, the one the leg, the one the trunk and each part was different. Only when we see the whole picture and not ‘soundbites’ or ‘headlines’ do we get it. I applaud your new site and look forward to reading it!

  2. By presenting he readers with raw statistics and not the biased commentary that comes with them on news services, you enable the reader to form their own opinions from the information. Well done and keep it coming!

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